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Buried Alive was presented by the Simultaniacs in 1998-1999. It is the story of Floyd Collins, an explorer who was trapped in Mammoth Cave in 1925.

Here are excerpts from a performance at the 14K Kabaret, Baltimore.


The Great Cave Wars

The children here don't come to school

They spend their days in the darkness of the caves

These children are losing their pigment too

No one knew

This world is full of jewels untold

Many bigger than their arms could hold

Some have been opened for the world to behold

Under the land of the fortunate few

Another hole anew

It just grew

No one knew how it began

It just grew

Everyday another hole anew

Every clan had a claim

That theirs was the same

As the one sparkling name

Mammoth Cave

And every clan protected their claim

Roads had been paved

Tracks had been laid

Fortunes had been made

Mammoth Cave

No one knew how it began

It just grew

Everyday another hole anew

Floyd Collins grew up here

He explored every cave anywhere near

He had seen the wonders inside

It just grew



He Had Magnetism

He had magnetism

He had a love for the cold and damp

The dark and airless space

Deep in the earth

He had magnetism

He walked through mazes for miles and miles

He discovered the great Crystal Cave!

He had magnetism

He ventured through

Tunnels unknown before

Leading to magical rooms

Full of glorious sights!



The Crystal Cave



Salamanders and Bats!

Blinking and Twinkling Rocks!

Blind Fish and Bats!



In This Hole

It was a tangled thread

An enclosing vein

A tight squeeze remained

But that can't stop me

I used dynamite

To pave the way

The rock began to move

Under my sight

I slithered and crawled

Through unforgiving faces

Through damp and slimy walls

To more inviting places

A vertical drop

Just a meter or two

Into the unknown

Splendid and new

I am a spelunker!

I am an invincible discoverer!

I was daring, brave and strong!

Until I was caught by a rock

In this hole

The lantern tipped and with it went the light

Alone in the dark I did not feel fright

Not even when I heard the snap

That pinned my foot tight

It was a rock

The same size and shape as a ham hock

I scrambled and grabbed it

But it would not nudge

I pulled at the loose pebbles and sludge

They rained down on me

Soon I could not budge

I was buried up to my chest!

I did my best not to cry

But I did, I screamed too

No one can hear me!


I am a spelunker!

I am an invincible discoverer!

I was daring, brave and strong!

Until I was caught by a rock

In this hole



Where's Floyd?

Floyd, where are you?

Floyd, where are you?

He didn't come home last night

He went looking under Bee Doyle's land

For a cave, beautiful and grand

He must be under the ground

We must go down, down, down

Floyd, where are you?

There in the squeeze

With a rock caught below his knees

We've got to get him out

I'll go

No I'll go

No I'll go

No I'll go

This is a terrible place!

It is dark and cold!

Water is dripping down the walls

It is too small

I can barely breathe

I must leave

How will we get him out

I know

No I know

No I know

No I'll go



A Shocking Saturnalia

It was a shocking saturnalia

Send someone into the shaft!

It is slimy and soft

He must be skinny

To shimmy into the squeeze

Floyd is inside

Scared and sad

Sorry to be stuck in the hole


Oh for a sip to soothe my throat

He is shrunken and shriveled and starved

Save him! Somebody!

Send someone into the shaft


They're not spelunkers. They're drunkards!

Scared they don't care

Several are saying

So long, Floyd.



The Endless Wait and a Vision

I had a dream, dear

You had one too

Mine was the best, for it was of you

The light was streaming from your gown

Of golden weave that can't be found

You kept me warm through the night

With whispers of hidden delight

Your sweet breath blew away the wet

Tears from my cheeks

And although I could not move my legs

Nor arms nor chest nor head

I went running through spaces vast and wide

You took me to the other side

What do you say, dear?

Now is the time

You tell me your dream

I'll tell you mine



Outsiders Cut In

In a fit of restriction

Lines were drawn

Ropes pulled tight

And the lieutenant governor said no.

All of you

Who grew up with this man

And these hills


Get a hold of yourselves

Get out of here

And let us get him out

Organization of men and plans

Shifts and guards

Engineering will bring Floyd out

All of you

Who grew up with this man

And these hills


Stay out of the cave

Stay out of the way

And let us get him out

Around the clock

A shaft was sunk, trussed and drilled

Ten days later he was found

One eye was open, the other was closed

His mouth was tight

And his gold tooth shone cold

Dead was the one word

His rescuer spoke

Floyd Collins is dead.